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The joy, the laughs and the friendships that hockey brings to our daily life can not be replaced. Through our programs at the arena I have got to know so many people and developed great friendships. 


We have an opportunity to keep our families safe and that leaves us no choice but to close. 

It breaks my heart to do this but the quicker everything shuts down the sooner we can get back on the ice. 

Yetman's Arena is closed. 


Stay Safe

Skating Treadmill
Taking Yetman's Hockey in Stride!  Are you looking to take your game to the next level? Skating technique is the most important factor that affects a player’s speed, endurance and effectiveness on the ice. If you want to improve efficiency, power and skating speed, this Skating Treadmill is for you.   

Monday's 4-730pm 

Saturdays 9-12pm 

Cost: $40/ 30min Session
Private Leassons

Looking for a little extra help? Private instruction may be a good fit to help your child past a certain stage they may be having trouble with. From Stopping on both sides to slap shots, one timers and checking.

Contact to book your time.

Cost $300

Limited to 5 players + 1 Goalie


Shooting Sessions

Let’s face it, everyone wants to score more goals. Review our ice hockey shooting drills, tips and tricks to get ahead of the competition. Developing a quick, accurate, and hard shot is something that doesn’t come overnight and takes practice. Shooting off-ice is a great way to improve your shot and can be really effective if done correctly.


Monday's 4-730pm 

Saturdays 9-12pm 

Cost: $40/ 30min Session

Adult Rec Skates

Looking for a skate on your day off? Get added to our Adult Rec Hockey List. 

Contact Pat Jr 709.690.3656

Dryland Training

Dryland Training Available for all ages.


Contact Pat Jr 709.690.3656

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